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Individual therapy is a collaborative process between the client and counsellor. It may involve learning to cope with anxiety/stress, sleep issues, loss, changing negative thinking, phobias, relationship issues, processing trauma(s) or any other goals. It can be helpful to address any negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that interfere with your daily life.  Change happens in a trusting relationship where you feel safe to talk about and process the challenges that make you feel stuck. 

I provide counselling and support to spouses, adult children, and siblings to help them learn to understand a new or already present diagnosis, learn communication and relationship strategies, and provide support. I also offer counselling to parents  to addressing teen anxiety, behavioural challenges, parent’s own anxiety or personal difficulties, and developing a parenting plan.

During the coaching process we identify your goals and potential obstacles holding you back and develop a plan and practice strategies to overcome these obstacles.  Coaching for people with Autism / Asperger’s or ADHD may include life skills, social skills, communication, understanding emotions, relationship management, employment, academics/study skills and organizational skills.

"When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending." 

~Brene Brown~

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