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Learning Disability Services

A stressed woman holding her head to represent the learning difference counselling services provided by VV Counselling

Do You Have Or Think You Have A Learning Difference?

There are various types of learning difficulties or differences that can impact your oral language, reading, written language, mathematics, organizational skills, and social perception. It can make learning and work environments challenging. Learning difficulties can co-exist with ADHD, autism, giftedness, sensory or medical conditions, or anxiety/depression. You might find it beneficial to learn self-advocacy skills, compensatory strategies, strategies to cope with frustration/stress, or manage anxiety/depression, as well as develop other counselling goals as needed. 

How Does it Effect You?

Learning differences/difficulties can have a significant impact on a person's mental health and wellbeing due to stigma, bullying, and frustration from academic challenges. These include increased risk for depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, emotional distress, hindered academic or career progress, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, challenges in daily life management, difficulty with self-advocacy and disclosure, and added complexities in parenting and family dynamics. 

What Can You Do?

Speaking with a counsellor that specializes in learning differences can be a valuable first step. A counsellor can help you develop a personalized plan, offer strategies tailored to your specific needs, and create a safe and supportive environment for you to address the impacts of your learning difference effectively. Counselling can address anxiety, self-advocacy, compensatory strategies, strategies to cope with frustration/stress, or other goals as needed.


If you're experiencing challenges you think may be related to a learning difference and would like to try some strategies then click the button below and get in touch today.

Benefits of Virtual Counselling and Coaching

I provide virtual counselling and coaching (online or by phone). Virtual services allow counselling or coaching to be accessible to clients regardless of barriers such as location or scheduling limitations. It is convenient and allows savings on travel, or parking.

Have A Busy Schedule

Prefer to Meet from Home

Require Accessibility & Flexibility

Accessible To All Ontario Residents

Online counselling uses, which is a telemedicine platform and protects your privacy. It is easy to use, requiring no downloads, no need to create an account, and is free for clients. 

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