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Neurodivergent Professional Counselling Services

A woman wearing a button down dress shirt smiling to represent the neurodivergent professional counselling services providing by VV Counselling

Are You A Neurodivergent Professional?

Neurodivergent Professionals feel that something needs to change in order to thrive in their careers and/or personal lives, and manage stress and life more effectively. You might have trouble keeping up with deadlines, handing in work on time, arriving to work on time, determining which project is most important to work on, or managing complex/subtle social situations at work. You may feel shame about your struggles and worry that if people at work found out, it might hurt your career. On the other hand, some neurodivergent people thrive at work but struggle in their personal relationships and social relationships. The people closest to you don't seem to understand why you are struggling so much.  It seems simple for other people but almost impossible for you.

How Does it Effect You?

      As a neurodivergent professional you may be dealing with:


✓ Struggle with navigating and managing teams or participating effectively as a team member

✓ Difficulty understanding and responding effectively to the internal politics of your organization

✓ Difficulty setting limits with how much work you take on, or when you are available for work

✓ Difficulty balancing work with family or loved ones  

✓ Burnout and fatigue

✓ Performance anxiety or feeling like an impostor

✓ Procrastination and avoidance 

✓ Underestimate the time it takes to complete a project and rush at the last minute 

✓ Comparing yourself to others, it seems so simple for them but nearly impossible for you

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