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Viktoria Vigh Counselling + Coaching

Hello, I'm Viktoria!​I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW), Neurodiversity Therapist and Coach. I provide counselling and neurodiversity coaching specializing in autism (formerly Asperger's), ADHD, learning disabilities, and giftedness.

Viktoria Vigh head shot wearing blue shirt


I am here to support you with your journey. I provide a variety of services, find the service that best suites your needs and click to read more to learn about my approach. 

Man sitting on a coach in an adult autism therapy session with his therapist


Were you recently diagnosed or a loved one suspects you have autism? Are you looking for a therapist or coach who is experienced in autism? I provide counselling and coaching specifically for autistic people, or their loved ones. Speaking to someone who understands can be a great way to gain the support you have been searching for.

Therapist providing ADHD counselling to a client in an office


Were you recently diagnosed with ADHD, suspect you have it, or have always been aware of it? Are you seeking understanding or would like to learn new strategies? It could be helpful to have a conversation with someone who understands, can help put things into perspective, and assist with resources. 

A troubled woman with her hand on her head representing the learning differences service page

Learning Differences

Do you have some type of learning difficulty or difference? These can make learning and work environments challenging. Learning difficulties can co-exist with ADHD, autism, giftedness, sensory or other conditions. You might find it beneficial to learn various coping strategies. It can be helpful to talk to someone who understand these issues.

A head shot of a man smiling at the camera representing the twice or thrice exceptional counselling service

Twice/Thrice Exceptionality

Do you have some type of learning difference, and/or ADHD, and/or autism as well as giftedness? Have you found it difficult to cope with pressures placed on you due to being gifted? Yet, feel people do not understand your other needs? It can be helpful to talk to someone who understand your unique needs and experiences. 

A upper body image of a woman in a dress shirt smiling  to represent the neurodivergent professional counselling service page

Neurodivergent Professionals

Are you a neurodivergent professional, senior executive, entrepreneur, or work in a high demand position? Do you struggle with decision-making, workload, navigating relationships, time management, fatigue, or feeling like an imposter? It can be helpful to develop a plan with someone who understands your unique needs/strengths.

A piece of paper torn to reveal the text "what's important to you?" to representing the coaching services page


During the coaching process we identify your goals and potential obstacles holding you back and develop a plan.  Coaching with neurodivergent clients may include areas such as planning, prioritizing, organization, time management, and so on. Coaching may also include learning about your neurodiversity. 

A woman receiving counselling or therapy from her counselor or therapist


Individual counselling is a collaborative process between the client and counsellor. It is about being ready to change and being the agent of change in your life. I am here as a guide and collaborator to identify the changes that are currently in progress. Click below to learn more about my counselling services.

Benefits of Virtual Counselling or Coaching

I provide virtual counselling and coaching (online or by phone). Virtual services allow counselling or coaching to be accessible to clients regardless of barriers such as location or scheduling limitations. It is convenient and allows savings on travel, or parking.

Have A Busy Schedule

Have Difficulties Leaving Your Home

Prefer Not To Meet In Person At This Time

Require Accessibility & Flexibility

Accessible To All Ontario Residents

Online counselling uses, which is a telemedicine platform and protects your privacy. It is easy to use, requiring no downloads, no need to create an account, and is free for clients. 

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