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Hello, I'm Viktoria!

I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and I provide therapy and neurodiversity coaching specializing in autism (formerly Asperger's), ADHD, learning disabilities, and giftedness. I am a certified ADHD Coach and I completed a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Psychology and Women’s Studies and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.  I have 21 years of professional experience as well as lived experience and understand the complexities and stress that my clients encounter.

I believe in an approach that is empathic, collaborative, strength based, accepting, client centred, and non-judgmental. Whether it's therapy or coaching, I will work with you to help you let go of the things that no longer serve you. I believe in the importance of a collaborative relationship in order to help you achieve your outcome.  

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
                    -Carl R. Rogers

Viktoria Vigh

Registered Social Worker (RSW), AACC, Neurodiversity Therapist and  Coach 

Professional Memberships: 

Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) #821582

Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) #13692

Education and Training:

  • ADHD Coach Training Program, ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy; accredited ADHD and life coach training program 

  • Master of Counselling, Counselling Psychology, Athabasca University

  • Post Graduate Diploma, Counselling Psychology, Athabasca University

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Double Major: Psychology and Women’s Studies

  • What is Giftedness? SENG & GDC

  • Intro to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Neurodiversity Coaching: ICF Toronto Chapter 

  • Modifying Social Work Practices for Neurodiverse Operating Systems, OASW, Wendy McGuire 

  • Introduction to ADHD for Health Care Professionals, CADDRA

  • Motivational Interviewing Through Deliberate Practice, York University 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Foundations, Adler Faculty of Continuing Education

  • Medication Management Training, Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP) ACT Program

  • Extensive trainings in autism, Erinoak Kids School Support Program

  • Brock University International Certificate Program in Dual Diagnosis – 4 weeks of courses completed.

  • Counselling Approaches for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, Halton Support Services

  • Single Session and Solution Focused Therapy, Lutherwood Family Counselling Services

  • Advances in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CWSDS

  • Autism Intervener Level 1 Certificate Course – Geneva Centre for Autism

Working together, discovering potential



Individual Counselling


Individual counselling is a collaborative process between the client and counsellor. It is about being ready to change and being the agent of change in your life. I am here as a guide and collaborator to identify the changes that are currently in progress. Both client and counsellor need to be actively involved in the sessions. My role is to ask specific and thought-provoking questions, in order to help you increase understanding of a situation, process emotions, and enhance and develop coping strategies. You will determine your goals and we will go at your pace. Change happens in a trusting relationship where you feel safe to talk about the challenges that make you feel stuck. I tailor my approach to fit your therapy goals and use and integrated approach. 

Executive Functioning 

During the coaching process we identify your goals and potential obstacles holding you back and develop a plan and practice strategies to overcome these obstacles.  Providing coaching to neurodivergent clients may include executive functioning coaching, such as planning, prioritizing, organization, time management, and social interactions. Coaching may also include working on communication, relationship management, academics/study skills, or learning about your neurodiversity. 


Neurodivergent Professionals  

Many of the clients I work with who are neurodivergent professionals, are very capable and hard working. Yet, they feel that something needs to change in order to thrive in their careers and/or personal lives, and manage stress and life more effectively. You might have trouble keeping up with deadlines, handing in work on time, arriving to work on time, determining which project is most important to work on, or managing complex/subtle social situations at work. You may feel shame about your struggles and worry that if people at work found out, it might hurt your career. On the other hand, some neurodivergent people thrive at work but struggle in their personal relationships and social relationships. The people closest to you don't seem to understand why you are struggling so much.  It seems simple for other people but almost impossible for you. It can be helpful to develop a plan with someone who understands your unique needs/strengths and identify the way that you work best to help you overcome these challenges. 

There are various reasons that bring people to therapy and coaching. At one point or another, many people can benefit from coaching or therapy in their lifetime. Our future does not have to be defined by our past. I believe in working from a strength-based and client centred approach. Contact me today for a no obligation consultation. 

Viktoria Vigh Mississauga Social Worker and Psychotherpist

Contact Me



PO Box 53065 Erin Mills 

Mississauga, ON

L5M 5H7

(647) 503 - 0271 

Contact me for a no obligation consultation. We can discuss your situation, and I'll provide the best information I can. I'll also tell you about my services so you can determine if I can help and if we are a good fit.


While making all efforts to keep information confidential and private, please note that e-mail communications are not encrypted and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. 

I review emails as regularly as possible. If you have not received a response in a few days, please follow up to ensure I did not miss your message. 

This is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis please contact 911 or proceed to your local hospital’s emergency room.

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