PRivacY PolicY

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW protects and respects the confidentiality of all information entrusted to herself, except as permitted or required by law, and in accordance with all municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

The following is considered confidential information:

  • All matters/documentation relating to clients.

  • All contracts.

  • All Human Resources files and proceedings.

  • All financial information, status and statements.

  • All information or documentation labelled “Confidential” by Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW, or listed as such by separate memorandum, or email that advises confidential status.

This information may be related to, without being limited to, personal information of any kind about clients as well as information about the operations of Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW (e.g., personnel matters, internal financial procedures, contractual information, and intellectual property of Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW.

Respect for Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW’s confidentiality and privacy policy is of utmost importance.  Confidential information shall not be used for any purpose other than its reasonable use in the normal performance of social work and psychotherapy duties.

Privacy Policy

Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW is committed to providing website users with a website which respects their privacy. In particular, the protection of confidential member information is of paramount importance to Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW. In this context, the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998 provides for the confidentiality of information related to the administration of the Act.

Through this website and OWL Practice, Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW only obtains specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number or e-mail address, if you supply such information (by, for example, sending us an e-mail, submitting an inquiry, or providing such information in a secure portion of the site).  Additional information, such as reason for seeking services, will be requested to be provided in an intake form via OWL Practice, however, clients can refuse to provide this information online at anytime.  Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW requires all clients to read, review, and acknowledge the consent forms presented in the request for intake information through OWL Practice.

Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW will not trade, sell or rent your personal information. Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW takes precautions — including administrative, technical, and physical measures — to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. You can help by also taking precautions to protect your personal information when you are on the Internet. For example, change your passwords often using a combination of letters and numbers.

Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW regularly reviews her information-handling practices. If you have any questions or comments in this regard, please use contact:

Viktoria Vigh, MC, RSW
52 Village Centre Place, Suite 102
Mississauga | ON

(647) 503 - 0271