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Adult ADHD Counselling Services

A counseling providing adult adhd counselling services to a client

Do You Have Or Think You Have ADHD?

Perhaps you were recently diagnosed with ADHD, suspect you have it, or have always been aware of it. Maybe you are looking for clarification, understanding and would like to learn new strategies. You might be looking for help with work, academics, organization, relationships, interpersonal skills, emotion management, or coping with sensory sensitivities. It could be helpful to have a conversation with someone who understands and can help put things into perspective. You also might be a spouse, or family member looking for support and strategies. It can be helpful to speak with someone to develop an understanding of ADHD and learn ways to cope.

What Are The Impacts?

People with Adult ADHD may be more impulsive, easily distracted, or struggle with attention, which can make it hard to focus on one task long enough to get it done. Some people with ADHD may procrastinate or delay their tasks, which can make it difficult to start working on the task in the first place. As such, prioritization and procrastination issues can overlap. They may also have difficulty focusing on one task long enough to complete it. This can make it hard to start and finish projects, which can make it difficult to know what is most important. Processing difficulties can also play a part, as well as time management issues. Finally, they may overfocus on one task and neglect others, which can also lead to difficulty with seeing the whole picture and trouble with prioritization.

What Can You Do?

It can help to learn more about your ADHD and understand how your mind works, focus on your strengths, and learn to accept yourself. There are a variety of techniques that can be effective in coping with daily challenges, help you understand and shift your mindset, teach techniques to manage your thoughts and emotions, and teach skill building in organization, planning, time management, or problem solving.


If you're experiencing challenges you think may be related to ADHD and would like to try some strategies then click the button below and get in touch today.

Benefits of Virtual Counselling and Coaching

I provide virtual counselling and coaching (online or by phone). Virtual services allow counselling or coaching to be accessible to clients regardless of barriers such as location or scheduling limitations. It is convenient and allows savings on travel, or parking.

Have A Busy Schedule

Have Difficulties Leaving Your Home

Prefer Not To Meet In Person At This Time

Require Accessibility & Flexibility

Accessible To All Ontario Residents

Online counselling uses, which is a telemedicine platform and protects your privacy. It is easy to use, requiring no downloads, no need to create an account, and is free for clients. 

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